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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Busy Busy

Tuesday and Wednesday morning, I made time for block making and strip cutting.

 I made June's block for Carol Daok's yahoo group BOM/Mystery.

I cut my strips for my first strip swap with the QuiltvilleSwap group.
Then made a trip to the post office to get them sent off.
I CANNOT wait until I get my package back!
The strips on the left go into my 2 1/2" bin.
The strips in the middle go into the 2" bin.
The lone strip on the right goes into the 1 1/2" bin.

Then I made blocks 26 and 27 for the Sow-Along at Barrister's Block.
This morning she posted blocks 32 and 33.  
I want to be caught up by next Wednesday when she posts more.
Wish me luck!

I continue to work on my Bow Tie Blocks for the 2011 Bow Tie Leader/Ender Challenge from Quiltville.
I started making my blocks here, in August 2011.
I stopped working on them for quite a while.
I picked them up again here, April 2012.
The yellow basket holds my pinned together block parts.
I work on 5 BT blocks at a time.
I pin 10 completed together and put them in the bin.
I don't know how many I have or how many I will need.

While going through a stack of books and magazines,
I found this booklet published in 2005 by Billie Lauder called
Let's Make Bow Ties & Spools of Thread.
I tried to find a link on the web but couldn't find one.
It has all kinds of layouts in it.
I'm having a hard time picking the one I want to use.

Now I'm going to spend time with my Binding Friends.
I wish I were working on binding but won' be.
Still having issues with skipped stitches on the quilting machine. 
I'll work on that later.

Maybe I'll crochet or knit or stitch.
I better go figure that out.  


soscrappy said...

Looks like you are getting lots accomplished. Way to go!

Mary said...

Good Luck catching up on your Sow along blocks. The blocks look so good. Love the Purple strips. I'd be excited too! I'm finally Binding the quilt that spent way too long on my Quilting Table... That would be even more fun to do with binding buddies...