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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Sock Progress

I spent quite a bit of time knitting on my socks yesterday. I got in 2 good 1 hour sessions. Ernie had physical therapy and when we got home, he needed a nap and I needed to de-stress.

See the blue marker? That was my starting point on session 2. I get to knit more today while he is seeing the doctor and getting his staples removed. I love seeing the daily progress, even if it is just a few rounds. He thinks I am going to sit down one day this week and finish them up. I think he is excited about getting his own fancy socks.

I hope Judy L posts a linky so we can check on other knitters. Judy L, can you do that in your spare time??? If you want to find out about the sock knit along, go to her website and use her search box at the bottom of the page. Thanks Judy.

1 comment:

fancystitching said...

You are right... it would be nice to see the progress of others! Mine are coming along... pictures to follow probably tomorrow; too much else going on in my life today to deal with it!

PS: Glad Ernie is getting the staples out... things really start to feel better once you have those buggers removed!