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Thursday, April 08, 2010

One More Off the Goal List

I have a notebook where I write my monthly quilting goals. If I don't accomplish a goal within the month, I move it to the top of the next month's list. The list is helping me keep my focus. I am still starting new things but I am also working on my goals. I am happy to mark the deer quilt finished. Hubby will deliver it to his hunting club and it will hopefully raise some money for them. I think he really wants it for himself.

Next project on my list is grandson Elliot's train panel quilt. I learned so much from this quilt about panels that I've got no problem with the next two quilts that both have panels.

We are having some crazy weather here today. Snow, rain, sunshine and cold wind. I'm ready for some warmth. I started my tomato seeds the other day and this morning saw an itty bitty green spot in one seed pot. Exciting! It amazes me how tiny the seeds are and how huge the plants get! I am soooo ready for a good homegrown tomato to put on my bacon sandwich! Yumm Now I will go fix a pb&j sandwich and dream of summer.


Diane said...

your deer quilt turned out fabulous! I love how you used the extra ones in the back. way to go. I've heard of people winning their own quilt back so maybe your hubby will get lucky!

Julia said...

That quilt will certainly raise $$$! It is so unique!

Mrs Quilty said...

PB&J-my all time favorite sandwich! Isn't the weather the weirdest? Snow, sleet, rain, sun, and wind! All in the same day! I tell you, spring has got to get here soon! I think that deer quilt will raise a lot of money!! Very nice!