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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just Stuff

Hubby had to get up early this morning. 4 OMG 15! Too early for me, but knowing how I am, I stayed up, read blogs, sewed a few more care bear blocks (how cute are these?) and now I must get bsuy and have a somewhat normal day.

Blogger has been messing with my pictures. Several posts had pictures disappear so I put them back on. Then I started thinking of doing a makeover on the blog but I'm too scared of losing all my stuff. After all this is my diary and I don't have a backup of anything. If you know of any websites/blogs that have step by step instructions for blog makeovers, would you please let me know. I want to archive my posts, have the option to see older posts, have my favorites listed and show as they update...

I have been having a serious craving for fresh homegrown tomatoes. I started my seeds and finally have itty bitty tomato starts. Today I am starting my broccoli seeds. I really want plant outside but it is too early. I see all my southern friends with their gardens started and the pretty flowers planted but I must still wait for a couple weeks or so. I'm even looking forward to the canning season. Hope I'm still excited about it when the time comes.

I also need to stack some firewood in the woodshed. If I keep up with this as hubby brings wood home, we shouldn't have to spend the hottest day of the year doing firewood. I haven't been as good as helping with this project as I should be. Shame on me! because I do love my wood heat.

I've also figured out what this year's Christmas gifts will be and need to start on those. Better write those down before I forget what my plan is.


The Sewing and Knitting Loft said...

Very cute blocks!

Dena said...

I see everyone preparing their gardens for planting this season's crops and it makes me yearn for fresh veggies.

Cute Care Bear blocks. My oldest daughter loves the Care Bears and has tons of Care Bear stuff.

Christmas!? I haven't even begun to think about Christmas yet! LOL

Paula, the quilter said...

An easy way to back up your blog is to 'slurp' it into Blurb BookSmart. blurb.com is where you can find the free software.

Quilter Kathy said...

I am going to make my blog into a book at Blurb.
I have made 3 books with them so far and I was really happy with them. Then the blog is never lost!