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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making This A Fun Day

I'm having on of those kind of days today. You know, the one where you can't concentrate on much so you just do the easy stuff??? I went back to bed this morning and when I do that, I pretty much wake up a zombie! So I spent some time cruising blogland.
I visited the sky is pink and read her post on reusable Swiffer WetJet Cloths. I love my WetJet and hate buying cleaner and cloths. I've tried making a couple and didn't care for them so I decided to try this one. It works fabulously!!! So I went back to the machine and made 5 more......I have old towels (you know the ones that aren't quite bad enough to cut up for rags!) and lots and lots of elastic. I think I will finish cutting up the old towel and make it all into floor cloths.

Oh, I read the comments and saw one about drilling a hole in the bottom of the bottle and refilling it with your own floor cleaning solution. Why don't I think of these simple things?!?! Now my kitchen floor is clean and maybe the rest of the floors will be clean today too.

This cute bag is for my niece, Nacloe. Baby Charlie is due in a few days and her nursery is construction equipment themed. I made it to give her at her shower but I didn't get to go--still sick and didn't want to share--so I had to wait to post a picture until after she got it.

I'd like to work on Elliot's train quilt but I don't trust myself today with measurements. I only have the final border to put on it. Maybe tonight......maybe tomorrow.

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Diane said...

cute stuff there. not a bad day's sewing for a zombie! :)