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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quilt For An Hour

Inspired by Judy L and her Quilt For An Hour Projects, I have decided I am going to take 1 hour in the mornings and go into my sewing room and sew/quilt. So far, sew successful!

Yesterday I sorted and pressed my drunkard's path pieces and made one block for my sampler. Today I made 2 more blocks. I used my little "design wall" to arrange my block, putting in the extra pieces that need to be made. I even have the next 2 blocks ready to sew. I could very easily go back in there and put all of today's plans on hold. But I can't. I have other things planned for today.

I think some of these blocks look a little funky but I'm going to continue on and make this quilt. It has been on my list for quite a while. I must have really wanted to make it because I have now found 2 of the pictures that I tore out of the catalog. I think this one may have turned into my newest obsession.


julia said...

I lvoe the colors and designs!

Mrs Quilty said...

Hi Judy! Those are interesting blocks, drunkard's blocks is the right name! It will make a good quilt though! With all of them being different! I love the colors! Have a very Merry Christmas!