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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009--Hello 2010

2010! Hello! Can you believe how fast the twenty-o's went by??? All the hype and scare from 2000 and now, all of the sudden we welcome 2010. Unreal!

I've been thinking a lot about my goals for this new year. This morning Pat Sloan writes about choosing her one word for the year. My word is simplify. I hadn't really thought about choosing one word but simplify is what I have been trying to do. Now that I have chosen that word, I need to concentrate on it.

I do have a few other goals--I have had EQ5 for a few years and haven't taken the time to learn to use it, so that is one thing I want to do. I'd like to sit down at the computer and design a quilt block or a quilt without having to get out the books and relearn everything. I've been working on 2 quilts so I sat down and played until I had layouts that I want and it was fun. I know EQ6 has been out for quite a while but I own EQ5 so I am going to use it. I don't mind being out of date.....

I am going to learn to quilt feathers with my longarm. Judy L posted a great video where she explained how she does hers--I've been envious of Judy's feathers for a very long time. So I am going to take out an old UFO and get practicing. I will no longer be afraid of the feathers!

See how simple that was, 2 achievable goals that will cost me nothing but my time. I already have the fabric, batting and thread and I own EQ5 and my computer so I don't figure in any cost--yes, my mind at work.

My other goal is our food. I have been focusing on that for a while--no diet, just plain, simple, mostly homegrown, homemade good food. Oh don't get me wrong, I like to go out to eat once in a while--we have a very good teriyaki house and I'm not ready to give up Taco Bell just yet!

Have a very Happy 2010. I hope all your goals are achievable.

I got my cute clip art from LILLYARTS.


Mrs Quilty said...

Well, those are admirable goals, Judy! As for me, I'm not really thinking along the lines of goals, except to enjoy each day!!! It is snowing to beat the band here right now, and we are supposed to get 6-8 inches! Wow, way to bring in the new year! Happy New Year to you!

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

A lovely new year to you my dear - look there - I'm already a poet. :-) Your goals are great ideas - best of luck and enjoy them as you learn.

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I like your word - simplify! that is a great one. We all need to focus on the basics in life. My word would be change.
may 2010 be a bright and blessed year for you and your family