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Monday, December 07, 2009

Design Wall-Week 27

Look at the size of that egg! It weighs 3 ounces! The others weigh 1.75 and 2 ounces. Impressed? I was. The one in the middle isn't 2 toned, it's just wet. Wouldn't it be neat if it was that color?

I'm hoping to distract you from my design wall that has the exact same thing on as it did 2 weeks ago. I've been quilting for my friend and sewing on secret things. And knitting! Really I only want to knit but secret things must get finished.

I've come a little ways on my Tipsy sock-pattern from Sleepy Eyes Knitting. You need to go visit her blog, her book is out! Exciting......(more distractions!) I am going to buy myself a Christmas present!

Sometime today I have to decorate the Christmas tree. Then tonight I get to go with hubby to his hunting club meeting...I know, how lucky am I! The club secretary is out of town and the assistant secretary may not make it tonight and she sweet talked hubby into sweet talking me. She is such a little doll, I couldn't say no even though I really wanted to. Gosh, I haven't taken down minutes from a meeting forever! They may be in for a surprise........I'll take my knitting just in case Alice shows up!

Head over to Patchwork Times and see what everyone is up to.....Monday, my favorite blog day of the week. Don't forget to work on secret things today if you need to....yes, I'm talking to myself again.


Tamera said...

That IS quite an egg. I get those every once and a while, too. They're usually double yokes. I always think of the poor chicken!

Dawn-Marie said...

I love the colors of your new sock. Wish I had chickens but husband says no and we go away a lot in the summer.

Unknown said...

Wow, that egg looks like a duck laid it!

Gari in AL said...

Secret things do kind of make it difficult to post pictures, don't they? I am kind of planning a Christmas Day post to show what I have had on my design wall but couldn't show. HA!

julia said...

That poor hen!!! Your knitting looks good so far. I don't have too many secret things going on.