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Monday, December 14, 2009

Design Wall Monday

I can't believe this is my 28th post for Judy L's Design Wall Monday. I've had weeks when nothing has changed, I've had a day when I've taken down what was on the wall and put it away because nothing was inspiring me.

I've been working a little at a time to get my sewing room organized. This week I found a zip bag with the contents of photo 1. A bunch of 3" drunkard's path blocks. Then I found the bin in photo 2 with sewn blocks and cut blocks for a kabillion more. I wonder when I started working on these. I did my drunkard's path quilt in 2005 so these have been floating around since then!

Originally I was going to make a pillow cover, then I found that bin and I think there is enough in there for a lap quilt. I love using the Curve Master Foot. It is one of those "must have" tools I saw demo'd at a quilting expo. I didn't buy it then but I came home and stewed about it and ordered it. I wished I had it when I pieced my first dp quilt.

The last photo has 16 blocks in it, it will be a 12" block! This is going to take a while. I wonder how many times I'll change that block around. Oh wait, I have a picture I tore out of a Keepsake Quilting catalog of a dp sampler......I know right where that picture is! Yes, this is how my mind works! Now that I have the picture in front of me, I am ready to get stitchin'.

I did a search and found a webshots photo that momparde posted. She has some beautiful quilts! Ohhh, I'm excited!!! I need to go in and sew! Go to Patchwork Times and check out what everyone else is working on


Diane said...

love dp blocks and love your colors

Gari in AL said...

Oh, I love the idea of a DP sampler. I must think about this: oh, oh, another quilt to start, oh, no.........

Janet said...

I am honored that you posted my webshots quilts album! Guess I'd better see what else I need to put into them. DP isn't so bad and I did mine without a curved foot. That sounds intriguing!