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Monday, July 13, 2009

What's On My Design Wall-Week 7

Can you believe Judy has been hosting Design Wall Monday for 7 weeks now?? It has been fun to see what others are working on and it has been fun for me to work on things I have had hid out for such a long time.

I decided a couple weeks ago to get out this little redwork Christmas project and since I had been thinking about Christmas in July stuff, this needs to be finished. I had 2 blocks finished and the other 2 went pretty fast. And the tablerunner from last week, I still need to go to the quilt shop for the border fabric. I'm going to try to get there Wednesday.

This morning I started to work on the pieced blocks. I pressed and cut the stitched blocks, made the pinwheel block (that I will be taking apart and fixing the center!) and my iron died. I thought maybe it would happen soon. It didn't stay hot and yesterday, it got hot--really hot! I plugged in back in this morning and it got hot again so now it is cooling and will hit the garbage can. Why can't things be made to last? Now I have to go buy another iron. (After posting and clicking on my photo, the pinwheel looks scorched, I went in and looked and it is-darn. And boy does that flanned need to be cleaned off!)

So much for my plans......maybe I'll go to Taco Bell for lunch. Hmmm


Julie in the Barn said...

Cute project, Judy. Aren't irons a pain in the tookus? I'm on the third one in less than 2 years.

Gari in AL said...

I started working on a Christmas quilt but put it away to start something new. This morning I finished making the blocks so I also took myself to Taco Bell. Great minds. lol

Judy S. said...

Nice stitching, Judy. I love the purse you made for Amanda!