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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Munckins Meet The Chicks

Elliot was fascinated by by the baby chicks. These chicks are going have to be tough birds to live around here. I'm trying to handle each one several times a day so they will be friendly. See the water jug? That thing was too much money for what it is. I can't figure it out......something about adjusting that lid so the water flows to level itself. I say forget it, I'm going to get the simple water jars--something I can use!

Mae Mae didn't want to touch them at all! Get that thing a away from me now! She is the one that will make them strong birds. We put a big chunk of lumber down for her to stand on so she could see inside and that was as close as she wanted to be. She did discover how fun it is to pound on the screen and see the chicks run. Yip, they have to be tough birds to be here.

This picture is just too cute not to share. This girl was a total grub ball by the end of the day.

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Cherold said...

Elliot and the baby are beautiful!! We got 6 hens (black) and they lay the hugest eggs!