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Friday, May 01, 2009

Hooray, Hooray, The First Of May

Hooray, Hooray, the first of May is a naughty little song that I learned 20 some years ago when I was driving school bus. You can only sing it one day a year and I sing it all day long. :-) I didn't learn it from a child, I learned it from a woman who loves life. I can hear her laughter right now.......sing your heart out Bo.
I haven't been too busy in the sewing room this week. I do have my Orange Crush almost quilted but haven't touched it since Tuesday. I have been packing a bit for the retreat next Thursday. I have another string quilt as you go ready to work on. I have a couple other projects I am taking. Stashbuster sent out the new BOM so I will get that ready to go. I have a three tote bags to finish--maybe I'll get them done this weekend. It's supposed to be rainy for the next several days. I have a few things to work on outside today so will do that and enjoy the last day of sunshine for a while.
The photo was taken looking through kitchen window (yes, it needs washed!). I love looking out the window. A few days ago the flowering plum tree on the right was filled with butterflies. I have never seen so many at one time. Of course by the time I got the camera, they had flown away. The azalea bush right in front of the window was one my Gramma planted in the 60's. She recieved it at Grampa's funeral. So it's been pampered for 45 years. I also have a climbing rose and a peony. But with those 2, I've had to fight and scream to save them. They are finally in their permanent homes, never to be moved again. A couple years ago, they had a near death experience when Hubby got carried away with the Round Up. I'm happy to report that both the plants and the husband are doing fine.
But first, I get to go to town (3 days in a row-that is not me) and do some serious grocery shopping. The hall cupboard is almost empty and that makes me nervous. Not nervous really, just twitchy. I like looking at it packed full of goods. But I am so good at not going shopping that I let it get low.
Here I go, I'm going to get there before the hoards of people do. Get in, get what I want, get out, get home!!! I wonder if I can put this off for a few more days...hmmmmmmmmmmm


Judy S. said...

Isn't spring great? It just took way to long to get here this year, but the wait, as always, was worth it. Too bad you didn't get to "catch" the butterflies! Do you have any idea what they were?

Cherold said...

I've been packing up for the RR retreat too! Can't wait to see you...bring your BOM blocks from stashbuster and I'll bring mine.

Unknown said...

The view out your window is stunning! Funny how your excited its the beginning of Spring and Im excited its time for Autumn and some rain!! :)