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Friday, May 29, 2009

Do You Know Where I Put My Mojo?

I can't find my sewing mojo. Do you know where I put it? I've been in my sewing room for short spurts of time trying to organize it. I figure if I work for 10 minutes at a day, I should have that room the way I want in in 46 days!!! That's really a good idea and I should start keeping track of the time I spend and see how close I am. ;~) What I need to do is just get in there and get busy.

I've been doing outside things. The "little girls" are growing like crazy and the "big girls" have been giving us eggs and I say thank you to them every day for that. The "boys" have settled down and like to lay by the pen and guard their new friends. I think they are just waiting for the day one of them escape! We plan(ned) to leash up the dogs and let the hens out this afternoon--I'm not doing this by myself--and see how the dogs react. ( I just let the dogs out, a robin was in the yard and they both took off after it. I don't think our hens will be free ranging. I do think Hubby will be making a chicken run this weekend.)

The garden is all planted and I'm seeing signs of corn and beans already-we planted the seeds on Saturday. It's been sunny here all week and is supposed to stay sunny for another week. I think I should turn on the water this morning for a while. It's hard for me to buy produce when I have it in my garden--I know, kind of a dorky thought but that's the way I think! Why should I buy tomatoes when I have 20 plants in the garden! Doesn't matter that there is not one plant with a tomato on it! The potatoes in garbage cans are doing awesome. I am having to cover the new growth every other day. I should have fresh potatoes in no time--I need them too, I didn't buy any!

I need to bake some bread, pizza crusts and hamburger buns . These recipes make the best breads I have ever made. Thank you ladies for sharing with us. I have meat in the fridge that needs to be prepared for the freezer. I found pork loin on sale at Safeway so I bought 3 to make into roasts, steaks and sausage. I tried one sausage recipe yesterday and will try a different one today to see which one will be the keeper. I'll let you know. I froze yesterday's sausage after making patties so today I will cook part of it up so I have some ready to use in the freezer and for pizza topping tonight.

Gotta get moving........I have lots of things on my list today.


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Sounds like a good day - even though you can't find the sewing mojo - maybe it is outside in the sunshine. I got some flying geese made and auditioned for a border on the Lone Star quilt and I like them very much. Now to make 17 jillion feet of flying geese - but at least I enjoy making them.

Dena said...

I'm so envious of everyone who has a garden this year since I couldn't do mine because my broken ankle hasn't healed enough... Oh well, there's always next year. If we lived closer to each other, I'd come over and help you find your sewing mojo. Heck, I'd even come help you organize your sewing room. Enjoy the outside. It's much too pretty to miss.

Judy S. said...

Maybe your mojo is hiding under something in your sewing room and you'll find it real soon? But it sure is hard to stay inside on these beautiful days, isn't it? Enjoyed the chicken story!

gwensews said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm always happy to meet cyber friends who sew. Acutally, I used to do a lot of quilting myself. I was a certified Quilt Show Judge for National Quilting Assoc. and a traveling teacdher. My primary focus was Baltimore Album quilts (heavily appliqued by hand) and had my work published in several of Elly Sienkiewicz's books.

I'll be reading your blog and seeing what you do.

The Sewing and Knitting Loft said...

I am with you, my sewing mojo is hiding somewhere. I did manage to cut out a knit top muslin, but have not started sewing it yet. Have the lazies!

Brenda said...

I am with you - I want to sew, but I also seem to be choosing to be outside instead!! We finally got sun + we keep getting frost warnings!!! My solution to this problem has been to take my machine outside with me and sew in the great outdoors!! Love it!! And I will be doing it again, but right now I am working on making my garden grow - and i do have tomatoes one one plant!! 3 of them!! So I can not let the frost hurt it - everyone comes in at night!! I container garden.
Love that you have hens, and you know, the dogs might not chase them..... they might be hanging aroud the cage to get used to them, and they might treat them like family if/when they are out. i would test this first, but I know that new animals in our house are treated like strangers, then watched, then -lo and behold, ignored!!! It's great. I even had our cat track the gerbil for us when it got out and we didn't realize!! Hubby realized the cat was moving strangly, making funny noises and trying to get his attention!! And there was the gerbil!! She looked so relived when we realized what was going on!! Your dogs might just accept the chickens, out in the yard, if they think of them as 'family', but I wouldn't just trust them!!
I am glad your potatoes are doing well. I tried the garbage can once and it didn't work for me... what the trick?? lol!! Have fun with the garden!! And you will get your mojo back, I know it!!