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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grounded With A Sewing Injury

I've been grounded from using my right foot for 2 weeks! No right foot on the gas pedal of the sewing machine. Keep my leg elevated, use ice. I have not been letting my knee heal up from a few months ago when I originally stepped in a hole and twisted it. I've had some serious knee pain and finally went to the doctor. He grounded me!!! But like a sneaky teen, I'm not going to stay grounded because I can use my left foot on the gas pedal! So there. I'll sew for a bit then elevate........not today. I'm knitting.

I started these Potluck Wool Mittenettes a couple/three months ago for myself. They were way too small for my chunky hands but fit Miss Taylor just fine. She laid claim to them right away. (I think she gets that from her Mother!) So I started the second one and put them away. Today she is spending the afternoon with us while her parents are on a Valentine's Day date. She spotted the mittenettes and started hounding me. So I sat down, elevated my leg and got busy. They are now finished and ohhhh so cute.

Now I will work on the blue scarf that she swears will look awesome with jeans! Gotta love her, she does have a knack!!!



JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

OH you naughty girl - are you gonna need a time out as well as grounding? Hope that knee feels better soon.

What darling mittenettes and darling granddaughter.

Mary Johnson said...

My backup machine has a start/stop button so it can be run without a foot pedal. I've been whining this week too - thank goodness for Aleve!

Feel better.