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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

UFO #9 Done

How exciting to be finished with another UFO.
This quilt was started sometime in 2007 and now will be marked off the UFO list. Waahooo! UFO # 9 was called for my small quilting group on February 8th. This isn't so bad considering I was sidelined.
Now I have to work on that darn UFO # 22. It will go fast, I am determined to stay up with my plan to get this list down to nothing! And when I showed Hubby #9, he said that wasn't the number he chose so now there is more pressure!
Hmmfff, I scoff at pressure! Bring it on. Besides, what's the bid deal, it's been in a plastic bin forever!!!
I know this sounds weird but I'm looking forward to the next number drawn from my group. Maybe I cheated a bit and picked 11 projects that I really wanted to finish. I like the way I'm working on the others on the list also. Someone picks a number for me and I feel obligated to do the job. Wonder if that will work for housework..........

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JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Yaaay for a finish - great looking quilt. Now go rest and do as the doctor says. :-)