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Thursday, February 26, 2009

SsssNnnnnnn Ooooooooooow

I really wish you could hear the way Elliot says snow. It is so cute and now whenever his mom or I say snow, we use Elliot speak. We have a little bit of snow this morning and "they" say it will be gone by afternoon. This is the view from hubby's chair.

I have to take Tony to the vet this morning. He needs his next series of shots. I'm going to ask for the anti-stupid shot for him. Sometimes I think all of this training was just a dream. He forgets he knows how to sit, forgets what down is and forgets he knows how to go to the door to go out to pee. I have to remind myself he is still a toddler and not to be mad at him.

Yesterday at our sewing day. I worked on my 11th block from Carol Doak's Yahoo Group BOM that started August 2007. This is the June block, the July block didn't want to print. Every once in a while, my printer doesn't like the Adobe files. It will print one, hate the next, and print the 3rd. So Sonya printed it off for me, I will make copies and get that last block finished. Then I need to figure how to set it. I'm thinking mini cornerstones but haven't found what I want to do yet. She is so talented and generous with sharing her designs.

I know it isn't the homespun plaid UFO I should be working on. I'm mulitasking!!! It's fun to take a small project to Marian's and come home with an almost complete block. Time to get ready for my big trip to BG!!!! Hmmmm maybe Taco Bell for lunch. Haven't done that for a while.


Wendy said...

Your BOM looks really great - I love the color choices!

Sue said...

Whoa Baby!! I love, love, love that block! You are soooo talented.... no get your butt on the couch and knit. You know you aren't supposed to be up dancing around on that leg.
Love ya,