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Friday, February 13, 2009

Where Are the Bears?

Judy at Patchwork Times is doing Quilt Along #1. I have done quiltathons with Judy but this is the first time I will be making one of her designs. I'm very excited about this quilt.
I have always wanted to make a bear paw quilt. When I saw Judy's the itch started again. Then she says she is going to do the Quilt Along and of course, since I am not starting anything new, I signed up!
I have already decided this quilt is going to Ian when it is finished. He had asked for a new quilt quite some time ago. I feel like the mean Gramma because it has take me so long to make him one. I knew this wolf fabric was in my stash so I started pulling fabrics to go with it.
The fabric on the right will be the sashing and borders, the fabrics below the wolf print will be for the Half Square Triangles and the fabric on the left are some I'm not sure of but I think will go in as more HSTs. I do need to go shopping for a backgound fabric. I want a very, very pale gray but will take samples with me to match to. I have the Triangulations CD that I haven't used much so I think I will use this method for all the HSTs this quilt requires.
Today is quilting machine day. I have my backing made and the bobbins full for the Crayon Box and it will get loaded this morning and hopefully finished today. Binding is cut and waiting. This one has an owner also, she just doesn't know about it yet. No Dee, it isn't you. :-)
TTFN, I have work to do!

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Sue the KB said...

You quilted the bear paw I made for Ralphie. We love it, it's what we use on our bed. Hope you love yours as much:)

Love you,