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Friday, January 23, 2009

I've Made Some Quilty Progress

Here is my progress on the Double Delight Mystery from Quiltville. Sorry if you are reading this and didn't want the mystery revealed. I have all of my block parts made and now need to finish assembling my blocks. I am close to half way but I have other things that need my attention more.
After yesterday's post full of nothingness, I got busy. I filled bobbins for the next 3 quilts that I plan to quilt. I looked at quilt number 4 that I am not too excited to do but I'll do it anyhow because I said I would.
I sorted through a bunch more fabric that was piled on my cutting table. I need to get busy and get my basket of scraps cut into sizes I use based on Quiltville Bonnie's Scrap User's System. If you haven't looked at her site, you should at least read what she says about your scraps. Yes, I am a fan, a huge fan, of Bonnie's and I have been for as long as she has had webpages. She also has a new page that I found to be quite awesome called Behind Her Scrappy Mind. Enough of my shameless promo for Quiltville.com.
This morning I have decided what's for dinner and have it thawing--turkey meatloaf, zucinni quiche, maybe some homemade bread but I haven't started that yet. I've started the dishwasher, fed the dogs, cleaned up the papertowel roll mess that Mr. Tony made and now I am going to finish this and get behind the quilting machine.
I loaded Nadine's quilt yesterday and then my dad came for a visit so I didn't get started on it until after dinner. It will get finished this morning and then I will make the back for UFO #17. And sometime today get it loaded and started. I am using the Jodi Beamish pantograph called Plumage on both of these quilts so that makes it pretty easy. I may use it on the 3rd quilt in the pile also. Just because I can!


Cherold said...

I love your DD...I'm getting ready to start sewing the units in step 3 together.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wow - it is just amazing how each of these DD quilts that I've seen have been so different. Yours is so striking. Good work on all the progress you've made.