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Friday, January 09, 2009

I'm NOT Starting Anything New.....

Have you said that before??? No new projects until whatever, whatever....
Whatever happened for me when Dear Miss Bonnie of Quiltville fame decided to do a New Year's Eve Mystery. I do love all of the things Miss Bonnie does so I had to jump in and start the Double Delight Quilt. I picked most fabrics from my stash but had to buy some cheddar and chocolate brown. This time I wanted to stay pretty close to the colors Bonnie used. And my stash is dwindling and there aren't many big pieces of fabric left.
I don't know about you but when there is a mystery, I want to keep up with the clues because I am not good a not peeking. There was no way I was going to keep up with this mystery so I turned into a shameless peeker. After a cutting error (or as I call it-building of my 2 1/2" strips stash) and the need to go buy more fabric, I jumped ahead a step and started making my little 9 patches. So much fun! I love grab and sew.
I couldn't stand it any longer and had to lay out a couple blocks to see what my quilt will look like. I love it and will spend the day working on parts 2 and 3. Last night I got the rest of my 9 patch strips sewn and cut into units ready to form the cute little blocks (I love the June Taylor Shape Cut Ruler) . The rest of my browns and cheddars are cut and I have piece 1 sewn to most of my cheddar blocks. I hope to get those finished up today.
I already have the flanned that I am going to use for the back of this. I was in JoAnn's one day when they had the mega flannel sale and found a brown background with quiltie things all over it. I had to buy all they had! I knew it would be used for a back, I just didn't know I would be using it so soon. I sure hope Bonnie posts the border step soon. I can't wait to see what the finished quilt will look like.
Maybe I should get crackin' and see what mine is going to look like. But first I am going to take my lint brush and clean off my fancy flannel backed table cloth/design wall.

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