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Saturday, January 17, 2009

I've Got The Whim-Whams

Do you ever feel like you have the whim-whams? You know, like the heeby geebies, when you can't settle on one thing? You bounce from project to project?

That's how I am today. My brain doesn't want to slow down. I feel like I have accomplished nothing. But I have. I made a Marian Blankie.

Yesterday I met Crystal at Joann's for a short shopping spree--I had a gift card, I needed a bulb for my OttLite, no longer have a gift card. Dang those things are spendy and of course I didn't take the old bulb with me so I bought the wrong one. (Came home, ordered one online.)

Anyhow,I found this cute flannel that I had to have to make Clella a Marian Blankie out of. (A Marian blankie is 2 1 1/4 yard pieces of flannel that you sew wong sides together, turn and topstitch--named after our friend Marian who made Clella her first Marian Blankie.) You see, Miss Clella loves her Poppy. If she hears his voice, she just about snaps her head off to find him. It is near impossible to get her away from him. She will shove your hands away and go right back to loving on Poppy. He loves it. So now she has a blankie to remind her that she has a Gramma.

So as I was getting ready to sew this blanket, I needed to get out my screwdriver to change my sewing machine needle--I do that quite often--and I decided to take a picture of this thingie. It came with my machine and I have no idea what it is or what it is for. I've even looked in the manual and can't find anything. One end says in, the other says out. Any one have a clue??

Edited....I have the smartest friends! Cheri wrote and told me this is used to change the light bulbs and that she went through the whole manual before she found it. I looked at my manual, in fact I have looked in it several times since I've had my machine and I never, ever saw that page. It is on the first page in the section that is titled Care of Your Designer 1, page 110 in my book. I have looked at that section, honestly I have. And I didn't know that my machine had 2 lightbulbs.........makes ya think of the joke how many whatevers it takes to change a light bulb. Thanks Cheri.

Now I think I am going to put some things away so I can load a quilt on my frame. Oh yeah, I need to cook dinner. Chicken and spanish rice. I hope I make it back into the sewing room today.

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Sue said...

Whim Whams are like what Gramma used to call the Heebie Jeebies! I get those all the time. Fact is, I have them most of the time. Cute, cute flannel.