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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Okay! Enough Already!

Look Sissie, a new post. Are ya done naggin' now???

This picture is a little bit of Sonya's quilt that should now be hanging in Craft Warehouse. It turned out very pretty and now people can ohh and ahh as it is being shown off promoting their fabric and the book the design came from. I can't remember the book title but I know it's by Karen Snyder.

I have been spending some time at my sewing machine. I have been working on some crazy quilt blocks for a swap. They were suppose to be send out by September 30 and for some reason I had October 15 in my brain. I feel horrible about being late. So I spent last night doing some embroidery on my blocks so I can get them in the mail ASAP. My skills are quite rusty. It's been a very long time and I had to look up the very basic stitches on the internet just to remind me. It's fun but I'm afraid to start collecting for one more project.

My focus this week is on getting my quilting machine running good again and getting some of my stuff sorted out so I can rearrange my sewing room. I've been working on that for such a long time. I seem to take 3 steps forward and 2 back. So that means I am making a little progress. Now I am going to finish sewing my last block so I can finish them. Hopefully I'll remember to take pictures.
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Sue said...
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Sue said...

Yupperooni. I'm done nagging, at least for this week. Looks like you did another great quilting job for Sonya! I know quilting on black isn't your favorite thing to do, but ya done good, kiddo!

I've just been chillin' waiting patiently (haha) for my surgery date. Getting some things taken care of that need to be done before hand. I probably won't be able to sew for a while since it will be my sewing gas pedal foot that's effected by the knee replacement. That will suck.

Love ya,