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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vacation is Over

Am I allowed to whine because my vacation is over? Thanks! I knew it would be ok. We had a wonderful time at the beach with Crystal, Mike, Elliot and Clella. Visit their blog to she a hilarious picture of Mike in his bubble bath! and 2 of the cutest kids in the whole wide world!!

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and got home Monday about 2. Then we had to go into town and rescue Dee, Vern and Taylor from the 4 legged children. They were all happy to see us except maybe Vern. He was sleeping and I don't think it was time for him to get up yet. He works the night shift and barking, happy dogs aren't the best way to wake up. Sorry Vern, you can sleep in today.

Crystal, Clella and I made 2 trips to Anna Lena's Quilt Shop. I am going to miss that store when it closes later this year. It is my must go to place whenever we go to the beach. She is having a going out of business/early retirement sale so we helped her along. We discovered Homespun Quilts in Astoria. It's a very nice shop. Lots of different things and wonderful samples. This is a definate go back to shop.

Now that I am home, I must get my butt in gear and get some quilts finished. I am in the mood to quilt so I better get to it. That is after the zucchini is taken care of! And the tomatoes and the broccoli that went nuts while we were gone.

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