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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quilting Fun

I love it when I have a fun quilting day. Today was a pretty fun day once I got to play. I had to get some groceries this morning. So I put all of that away and started to play. Then my eyelid swelled up like a balloon. This is the 3rd time it's happened so I called the doctor and they got me right in--my favortie thing to do-make 2 trips into town in one day. It turns out my tear duct is clogged so after a hot camomille tea pack, the swelling is down. Stupid eye!

This quilt was made by my sister Sue for her friend Rae Jean. It's what I call a happy quilt. While surfing blog land the other day, I came across a link to a link to a link---you know what I'm talking about! It is a tutorial for a really cool free hand quilting design. So I got out my scratch paper and started to doodle. I wish it showed up better in the picture. Maybe if you click it and make it larger you can see. Maybe not, but this is what I've been up to.

Anyhow the tutorial is over at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure on this page. She is waaaaaaaaay better at it than I am. I think if I do 4 or 5 more quilts with this design I might be almost as good as Kim. And when you are on her blog, be sure to tease the kitty cat! What the heck, click on this link and read all of her blog, she has some pretty cool stuff over there.

So now that one is finished and ready for delivery. The next one is ready to load on. I think I may have found my mojo again!

I am hoping this photo in this post shows up. If it doesn't, I'll just have to post it again.

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