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Monday, November 26, 2007

There's a Whole Lot of Activity Around Here

We have some changes going on around at Gramma's house. Here is Mr Mike helping Grampa put up the extention to the shop. I can now park my car out of the weather. I still have to walk through the rain to get to it but at least when I open the car door, my seat won't get wet.

The whole family, except Vern's boys, was here on Thanksgiving Day. Jenny and her family left before dinner but everyone else had a pretty darn good feast. The men deep fried a turkey and the girls got to fix everything else. I don't know about anyone else but I missed the traditional roasted turkey. I love the smells and the gravy drippings. We even bought the pumpkin pies. They were good and I'm happy to buy them again from Costco.

Then on Friday the crew started putting the new roof on the house. Oh boy, talk about loud! There were times I thought someone fell through and would land on the kitchen floor! Thank goodness that didn't happen and now we have a fabulous new roof and probably will never ever have to do that job again!

So today, Grampa went back to work, all our company is gone and the house is quiet. I kind of enjoyed it for a while this morning then this afternoon it was too quiet.

Then the most frustrating thing happened! I filled bobbins this morning, made a back for a quilt, loaded it on the frame and started quilting. It's looking so nice and then!!!!!!!!! The thread wrapped around the bobbin case, the needle shattered into a kabillion pieces and I have to fix my machine. I don't even know what happened.

So I have spent the last several hours trying not to run out screaming. I have retimed, retimed again, changed needles, bobbins, thread and my attitude. Nothing has worked. I think I'm close then go back to the quilt and take ten stitches and the top thread breaks. I break out the video, watch it, pause, retime, try, watch, pause, watch, pause. It isn't working. I took all the parts off that I could to check them for burrs and haven't found any. I might have to check again. But tonight I am done. I can't think any more.

Tomorrow morning I am taking the video out to the fancy disc player where I can pause and zoom in and see exactly what I need to see. If that doesn't work, I am making a phone call to Nolting and see if they can point me in the right direction. I wonder if they will point me to a new machine!! Just kidding!

Tonight, I am going to do nothing but dream sweet dreams. If I wake up in the middle of the night with some hair brained idea, I'll just get up, write it down then go back to bed and back to sleep.

Yeah, right!
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