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Monday, November 05, 2007

I Never Thought I'd Say It, But...

...I'm retreated out! We had 26 women in our sewing room. That's a lot of energy in a space I never thought of as small. I sat with Crystal and we both got a lot accomplished. When it started to get loud and crazy, we both got out our MP3 players and on went the headphones. You get lots done when the music is right.

I made one more block of the month, started on the second one and realized I had cut my pieces the wrong size. Then I got out my diamond string quilt from last weekend and finished sewing sashing on the blocks and then sewed them into a quilt top. Pictures when it's quilted. I then got out my strings and started working on Bonnie's latest string quilt free pattern at Quiltville.

So now I have to get down to business. Today I set my Designer 1 to embroidery mode and started making some free standing lace snowflakes for an ornament swap. Then I got out the serger and pieced a back for a quilt, cut the batting, loaded it on the frame and it's almost finished. I am hoping to finish it tonight but I'm starting to poop out. I sure hope I have the back for the next quilt on Thursday evening. (That's a hint!) If not, I'll just have to load on one of mine.

I had to take Uggie to the vet. He decided to chew the hair off his back and tail. Poor baby, the doctor says it's partly anxiety--he missed his mommy--and party because hyper dogs forget to stop scratching their itches. I'll pick him up tomorrow and I'm sure he'll have a bucket on his head. That will have to be a blogger photo. Even if it is only to give one person a little chuckle.

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Mike, Crystal, Peanut, Maemae, Lelou and Corbin said...

I for one will do more than chuckle, I'm likely to laugh so hard a little pee might come out.