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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Another Life Lesson Learned

Don't you love life lessons??? Usually not at the time I'm learning them! Then after the lesson, I want to bonk myself between the eyes like the V-8 commercial because the solution to my problems is generally simple. Maybe I should have had a V-8!

My life lessons are usually DUH moments. Like my longarm frustrations of yesterday. I have timed that machine numerous times. I know how. But why do I torture myself instead of taking a break and going back to it when I've calmed down.

This morning, I started over. I took the thread off, the bobbin out, timed the machine like I know I can, put the bobbin in, threaded the machine, then run a test swatch. Well I'll be! That baby is stitching like a dream. I wonder if my little prince came in here last night waving his magic prince wand!!!

OK, break is over. I have work to do.

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