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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Life Lesson # Oh I Don't Know!

Two life lessons in one day is a fine way to spend the day. Especially if I start thinking I'm all Miss Smarty McFarty! Well, guess what?!? I'm not, I'm just a McFarty.

I'm all full of myself because I can quilt a ways, then I run out of bobbin thread, have to change that and write a boast post. Big mistake. When I went back to quilting, my thread is breaking, I can't figure out why, I'm ready to start drinking! I don't drink!

So more adjust, try, adjust, cry. Then I decide I need to talk to someone. First I will check my Nolting Yahoo group to maybe find the solution and there right in front of my face is Bev's phone number. I decided to give her a call. Whenever anyone has a problem and they post to the list, Bev usually knows what they are talking about and she can solve the problem.

I am so frustrated that I need to talk so I called her. Bev, you are the sweetest thing. And smart! Oh my goodness. She calmed me down, talked to me, made me laugh and solved my problem. With just a little adjustment to the top tension, I am now finished with this quilt.

Whoo Hoo, It's a great day. Now I will go grocery shopping. Now that should be fun!

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