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Sunday, January 28, 2007

I've Got Socks

I am quite impressed with myself! My arm hurts from back patting! I cannot believe I can knit a pair of socks. I can read a pattern and figure out the simple things, know who to call or where to look (Socks 101) for the things I can't figure out. I can drop stitches and pick them up. I can find all the mistakes I made, sometimes I backtrack to fix them. Other times I say it's a lesson. When doing the next pair, I will count my rows on sock one twice or three times before going on with the next step on sock two. Maybe they will turn out the same length and not 2 rows short!!!

But I don't care, I have a pair of socks.

My next pair will be a on the needles this week. I am going to use the same pattern but only rib the cuff. Now I need to find the yarn. The TLC yarn I bought is a little hard to work with because it has bumps of color in it. I think I'll save that for something esle. But in the mean time I have alot of dishclothes to work on.

We will be leaving in a few days to spend some time with Crystal, Mike and Elliot in Arizona. I will take my knitting with me to work on if I have time. I'm going to be pretty busy smooching all over Elliot. I have to do it now because in no time, he won't let Gramma kiss him at all! Boys are like that!!!

Now, I have to do the weekend stuff--you know the stuff you have to do to survie until next weekend. And I have to start packing and getting the house ready for the house sitter. I don't see much knitting in my future for today. But I am still training a new person at work so I get to knit there!!! Some days I love my job.

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Vanessa said...

woohoo! You did good, girl! Now you can teach me next time we get together :) Have a great time with Crystal and Elliot and tell them Hi for me!