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Saturday, January 20, 2007

I Need To Sit At My Sewing Machine...

...instead of at this computer. But there is so much to read in blog land. That is where is am spending too much of my time now.

This is the last quilt I quilted--November! It's called Pinwheels on Parade from More Nickel Quilts by Pat Speth. It's been a UFO since last November, but now it's done. I even used it for a comfort quilt while I was sick and sleeping on the couch! Worked pretty darn good.

I did get to spend some time this week at my machine. We had an awesome snow storm and I got to be housebound for 2 full days. No husband, no dog, no job. Just me and my room for about 10 full hours each day. I did get some house stuff done but I use the theory of "If it wasn't snowing out, I'd be at work and house stuff wouldn't be getting done anyhow!" That kept the guilt at bay.

While I was cruising around blog land, I happened upon this post by Patchalot More. I was totally intrigued by this design so I went looking for my Open A Can Of Worms book by Debbie Caffery, remembered that I've loaned it out, so I got out the graph paper and started to draw. After a few attempts, I figured it out (mostly) and got busy. I dug out a pile of scrappy 9 patch blocks and now I have a top ready to quilt.

I have the batting pieced together to get it out from under my sewing table, the binding is ready, the thread colors chosen, even the quilting design is picked. All I need to do is make the back. I am going to piece together my 10 1/2" blocks to make a fun scrappy back for it. Then I can get it quilted and gift it to the person that babysits our dog when we are out of town.

So now I will get off of here (after I check out the Big Horn Quilts sight where I saw a Debbie Caffery book I don't own) and get the back together.

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