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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Baby It's HOT Outside

Call me a whimp, I don't care. I used to love the hot days but now I don't. What I really don't love are the hot nights. I like to go outside in the evening but when it's 80+ degrees, it isn't pleasant. We don't often get temps in the 100's on the west side of Washington state but today is the 3rd day, even when we do, it cools off at night. I am lucky to have a couple of window air conditioners and the house has stayed pretty pleasant. But I like to go outside on nice days. Especially when the munchkin is here.

Miss Taylor spent the weekend with us. Momma Crystal and Master Elliot sought releif here on Friday and Daddy Mike joined them on Saturday. We have a hot tub and Miss T wanted to swim. Well the water was yucky and it was too hot for tubing. So Poppy emptied it out, cleaned it, filled it up, warmed it up and turned it into a swimming pool. Momma Crystal dipped Mr E in then went and found a swimsuit for herself. After dinner, Gramma even took a dip.

Satuday morning Miss T and I made some Barbie dressed and a new purse for Miss T. It is so fun to have her assist me. She likes to choose fabrics and buttons and has a pretty good eye for color. Being 6 1/2, her attention span is pretty short. And since she thinks I am "smart and good", she is the designer and I am the sewist. She even helped me place fusible flowers and leaves on some more applique blocks to work on this week.

Everyone has gone home now. Poppy is napping in front of the tv and I think it's time to relax in front of the fan while holding down the couch for a bit. Think I'll make a nice little salad and call that dinner. Later, it's still TOO HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

Maybe its an age thing - in my teens and twenties I could've sat out and baked in as hot as it liked - now I just detest it and the nights are definitely the worst - please let it either cool down or at least reduce the humidity a heap :o)

Sue said...

Sister Dear, you are toooooo right! It was too blasted hot to do anything but breathe, and I'm not too sure it wasn't too hot to do that. I only have A/C in my bedroom, and that is where I live when the mercury climbs anywhere above about 80 degrees. I HATE the heat. That is why I remain in southwestern Washington where the temps are supposed to be mild... except during our three days of hot summer LOL.

TayTay is getting to be such a big girl, and looks SO much like her Mommy. Little E is growing like a weed. He'll probably be grown the next time I see him.... can't believe the kids are moving away :(