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Sunday, July 02, 2006


While at Netty's, I just had to shop. I need buttons for my camp shirts and when I went to pick them out, there was a box of buttons for 50 cents a card. She said some had been there for quite some time. I love buttons and came home with quite a few.

Then I needed more fabric. I saved a bunch of half square triangle from another project and made them into little pinwheel blocks. I needed a soft fabric for alternate blocks and chose a soft yellow.

Then I found this cute monkey print and got white background for a small border and then purple for the outer border and backing.Then there was this awesome orange that jumped off the shelf at me and I had to enhance my background stash. Actually, each piece I bought has a purpose. Oh and she had some wider lingere elastic that I was out of so 10 yards each of black and white.

Before going on our trip, I found Fays Fabrics on line and ordered some of her value packs. I got 2 value packs of elastic, 1 of lace and 1 spandex pack. $47 and I have enough fabric, lace and elastic to make lots and lots of awesome bras.

I am in bra making mode and needed to find fabric. I wasn't happy with what I found at JoJo's. When my package arrived, I was overjoyed. I love the lime green spandex . There were 5 large pieces of spandex in my pack.

(I've tried 3 times to upload pictures of the elastic and lace but blogger is cranky! Maybe they think I've been too chatty today! )
The lace is great. Each piece is at least 2 yards long. I can't wait to use the maroon or the orange or the dark green on the lime green fabric.

I love the variety of elastic. There is some Victoria's Secret elastic and Honors and several pieces of picot edge. The pieces are just like she advertised, and I think I want some more of the value packs. Nothing like a good surprise! I also need to order underwires, hooks, and probably a few other things. ;-0

Off to make more buttonholes, 1 shirt done, 2 to go, and both pair of pants need a button and buttonhole. Don't think I'll do much for the rest of the day.


Deni said...

Thanks for stopping at my blog!

Hopefully on Saturday I will get the opportunity to meet you at the Stitchin' Post! I will be working at the cash registers in the back of the store from 3:00 until close. If you get a chance bring some friends and come say HI to me! I am the short slightly chubby redhead. I will also have a name tag!

MARCIE said...

Hi Judy, I just found your comment about my Happy Place quilt. I am glad you like it. It was so much fun to make. yes, make your own version. The center blocks are 6" finished and the border blocks are 3". Have fun with all your stuff!

Deni said...

Hi Judy!
My e-mail address is d_dwheeler@yahoo.com. Let me know when you are going to be in Sisters. Enjoy Bend's shops. They have a new one that just opened up on Greenwood just west of the underpass called Pineneedle. It is VERY nice.