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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Rant--I Hate Working Saturdays

Yes I do! I'd rather work 12 hours Monday through Friday than work 5 hours on Saturday. But when I took this job, I knew I would have to work lots of Saturdays. I've been doing it for almost 10 years! I shouldn't really complain too much now because I get lots of Saturdays off. It's just when I think I'll be here for 5 hours, then find out it could be 10 or so, I tend to get a little cranky. Everyone says "But it's all overtime.", big deal, that just means I'm paying more taxes! And I am not at home doing what I want to do.

Ok, I'm done with my rant! I have put on my happy face. The attitude is now good.

Remember when I wrote about my job and the fact that I can do what I want when there are not trucks???

The biggest advantage at being here today is that I brought my laptop and I can use the extra phone line--yes I am still on Dial Up--to be on the internet. I have spent the morning reading sewing blogs. How fun is that.

Here are some of the blogs I've read today:
Getting Stitched on the Farm
Right Sides Together
Sew Random
Diary of A Sewing Fanatic
Rusty Bobbin

Now I think I'll go on a search for something more. There are so many facinating blogs to discover.

Until next time, don't worry, be happy!

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Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

You know, you can subscribe to www.bloglines.com and then check to see instantly who has updated their blog! It is a real time saver for me!