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Saturday, August 05, 2006

1st Saturday in August

Today was family reunion day. For several years, our family reunion has been the 1st Saturday in August at Lewisville Park, usually in the Filbert Section. Wow, what a group we are. I missed Gramma today. She is 100 years old and would have loved seeing another of her great, great grandchildren. But we did get a 4 generation picture. Me and Ernie, my dad, Elliot and Crystal.

Food was plentiful, children running everywhere, cousins catching up on family news, 2nd cousins getting reaquainted, and "who does that one belong too" being figured out.

My favorite conversation was with Aunt Helen, Cousin Carl and myself. We decided that there isn't a great many years between us anymore. Aunt Helen will turn 60 next month, I beleive Carl said he is 61 and I am 52. They used to me so much older than me and then all of the sudden, they aren't. Time has a way of doing that to you.

Food was awesome. We can always count on Aunt Dot's famous baked beans and Aunt Helen's chocolate cake. Yum yum.

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