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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

November Update

Look, it's a new post! Wow, I don't even have an excuse. I have not been overly busy but I have become consumed with cross stitch. Did I need another craft? No but I have one.

I finished stitching Take Time.
I found this kit at Walmart.
I need to frame it and add the shells.
It will be displayed in the bus at the beach.

I learned to coffee/tea dye Aida.
I followed this video but paid close attention to time because my fabric was different from their's.
I really like how it turned out and can't wait to dye more.
Because bright white isn't necessary for everything. 

Then I started stitching this for the grands.
I bought the pdf chart from Aliton Embroidery Etsy shop.
I'm still thinking about pulling out the gold and restitching in a darker gold.

Next up is sewing news. 
I finally made my blocks for our quilting group Christmas party.
I'll show you those after the party.

I cut out and sewed a new knit shirt. 
I'd show you but it's sitting on the machine waiting for a hem.
I love mixing up the textures of knits.
This is a raglan top with the stripes for the sleeves.

I pulled fabrics finally for the new Quiltville Mystery Frolic.
It took me a while to decide on my fabric.
I'm using stash and I have almost no blues at all.
I have lots of purples so that's what I'm using.
I thought about using bright yellow since I have very few aquas.

Daughter Crystal and I went mystery fabric shopping and
I decided to buy 1 piece of aqua and use that.
I did add a few more purples and of course I had to add to my neutral stash.
These aquas were put back in the bin.
I'm happy with my fabrics. 

I have not quilted anything since Hawaiian Sunset 1845.
I've made backs and now need to have a basting party.

I pulled out some little Churn Dash blocks to use as leader/enders 
and decided to finish making up these blocks 
so I can get them turned into the top I have designed in my head..

Of course it's not fun until the seam ripper comes out. 
It seemed like everything I touched that day had to be taken out and redone. 

Farm News

Hubby decided he wanted to hatch out some chicks.
He put 22 eggs in the incubator and we now have 19 babies.
We had a raccoon problem and lost quite a few of our hens.

The kids have fun with the names.
In this group are Peanut Butter, Peanut, Peanuts 1-5, Banana Split, Turtle.
Honestly I only know Peanut Butter because she is the only red chick. 
Always fun on the farm.

Until next time........


Julie said...

Wow, you have been busy! I decided against the mystery again this year. Still trying to bust those UFO's after making a ton of shop samples for my friend. What fun to have new baby chicks!

Mary said...

Nice to see a post today. You have many crafty interests. Cross Stitching is fun. Making a new T-shirt too. Cute baby chicks.
1 week and 2 days til the Mystery begins. Sew excited!

Quilter Kathy said...

That is an awesome cross stitch!
Glad to read you are joining in on Bonnie's Frolic mystery... it will be fun!