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Thursday, January 28, 2021

2020 Part 2-April

 Lots happened in April.

Some great, some not so great.

Elliot was finally gifted a new quilt.

He loves it. But he doesn't use it because it is special.

So I explained that I can make him more and go ahead and use it. 

Ugh, Pandemic forces the use of masks so I got busy and made lots and lots of masks.

I truly do hate making masks but Cousin Julie needed them for the nursing home she worked at.

Frolic became a finish and not a UFO,

which was quite exciting for me.

Because pandemic was not enough to deal with, our old house was rotting away in the corner.
The water heater was leaking and and almost fell through the floor, taking the chest freezer with it.
So my wonderful husband had a huge project.
Ordering lumber online for pickup was a new challenge.
Not only did we need a new water heater, we needed to replace our kitchen range and the washer!
Home Depot to the rescue! Order online, sight unseen, no touchy feely. And they delivered.

I tell you, that man is amazing. 
There is not much he can't figure out how to do. 
I offered to help but there was not much I could do,
 so I stayed out of the way and came running when needed.
I'll share the finished room next post.

Stitching often saved my sanity during this time.
I missed my family so darn much.
Didn't we all!
We are a huggy huggy bunch and not being able to do that was a bit rough.
We were all learning our new way of life. 

I'm going to keep this post short. 
I'll be back soon.
Until next time. 


Frog Quilter said...

Great attitude during all your renovations. Stitching is a sure fire way to keep sane. Hugs.

scraphappy said...

So much work to be done! So glad that you have someone who is able to handle all that renovation. Thankful for delivery and online ordering these days!

Shah Sazib said...

Wonderful quilt again!!! Anyway, I found another fabric store which is Broadway Fabrics.