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Friday, October 25, 2019

August UFO Challenge Project

WaaHoo! August's UFO Challenge is finally marked off the list. 

This is Hawaiian Sunset 1845.

It really was a fun quilt to make.
I was so afraid to quilt it so I put it away for 6 long years.
How sad.

When I pulled it out of the bin, I was stumped as to what to quilt.
And then it came time to choose thread.
I decided a nice gray was perfect. 
I can't wait to wash it and see if the gray hides a bit more 
but if not, I'm happy with it.

While pin basting, I decided it was so busy it only needs a meander.
I was shocked that it only took 1 day to get it quilted. 
I sure do love my Sweet Sixteen.

It is now trimmed and ready for binding which was in strips in the binding box. 
That will happen today. 
When Ernie asked who it was for I told him I had no clue and
 that I really wanted to keep it for myself.

You can read all the stories about it here.


QuiltGram said...

Oooooh it feels sooo good to finish a quilt. For me, this is exactly the quilt I would want to have around on the days I was ‘under the weather’. I recently recovered from 10 days of the ‘flu’ for which I was mostly down and out. I sure wish I had a happy, cheerful quilt like this to lift my spirits. Yup, certainly can see why this quilt is a keeper for you. (My granddaughters end up with my ‘splashy’ quilts.). Nice job. I personally like the grey thread.

Mary said...

6 year wait for Quilting, wow. Glad you got it done. It's a Beauty,!

Annie said...

Another awesome finish Judy! I laughed when I read 6 YEARS! (Although that is not a really long time to have a UFO). But I thought I was going to read 6 MONTHS. LOL. Silly me. Not sure why I thought that. Your quilt looks wonderful. I’d put it in a Hawaiian “shirt quilt” competition any day! A hands down winner for sure. Easy to see why you’d like to keep it for your own.