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Monday, September 23, 2019

Help Me--The Squirrels are Winning

The road to my crazy started with Sweet Adorable Clella.
That's not true, I've been a bit of a crazy for a very long time.
She wanted to learn embroidery. 
I found a cute little heart sampler for her and fixed her up a kit.

Then I found this on Facebook Marketplace and started researching on you tube.
The first video I watched was from Quilt Roadies.
I felt like I had found a long lost sister. 
I've watched every single video. 
Which led to some wool applique and a return to counted cross stitch.

So I went shopping. 
I bought this wool kit. I have it cut and ready to start.

I thought I should start with something small so I ordered this cut kit for my first attempt.
I'll write up another blog post about it.

After watching a few of the Stitch Roadies on You Tube,
I decided to return to cross stitch.
It's only been 35 or so years.
I partly blame my friend Dottie for the cross stitch--she told me about floss tube on you tube. 😉
I'll write up about this project in another post too.

So the squirrels are working overtime. 
I've acquired a few more kits. 
I've decided not to buy any more kits for a while.
Until I see one I can't resist.


Mary said...

Different squirrels! Lol, Clella. Good grandma to share.

Annie said...

Looks like you’ve got a whole lotta fun waiting for you! Now, that’s the whole problem...”until I see one I can’t resist”...it’s waiting for us right around the corner. And around that corner over there too. And that one... We would have to stay away from corners AND the internet!

White Rose said...

Hi Judy I am new to your blog ,I hope that you will visit and follow me.
I love those wool kits that you bought and your cross stitch will be a lovely project to do,I look forward to seeing your progress,hope your day is a good one xx

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing Quilt Roadies! That looks like an enjoyable YT channel to watch while sewing!