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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

I Like Thursdays #27

I  don't know what happened to last week. 
It just whizzed by, it was Monday then all of the sudden in was Saturday!
I think I was recouping from retreat
Which was awesome!

 So here's what's been happening in my happy little corner of the world.

 We went to Clella's soccer game in the fog.
When we left our house, it was sunny and gorgeous.
The closer we got to town, the thicker the fog.
I'm sure glad I grabbed a quilt!

It kind of cleared off after a while.

We also celebrated 4 October birthdays.
I don't know where Leland was. 
Sorry he missed the picture.

I cleaned a bin out of my sewing room and found this locker hook rug project.
I had no idea when I started it.

Heck, I couldn't even remember what it was called. 😕
We got it figured out and I'm on my way again.
This has been filled in and a new section started.
I like clearing things out of the bins.

Blocks for our Christmas Club party have been completed.
I really like the Bloc Loc rulers for trimming half square triangles.
The rotating mat makes it soooo easy!

Beautiful fall days all week.
Now the rain is supposed to come.
That's ok, quilting weather.

I like using up all my batting scraps.
I cut fusible interfacing into strips and join it together that way.
Use all the scraps!!!

Tuesday I decided it was a good day to pin baste quilts.
My friend Julie at Idaho Quilter's Adventures inspired me to get basting.
I pulled out all my safety pins and was able to baste 2 baby quilts,
a twin size quilt and a queen size quilt.
I have 4 pins left over.

Then I decided to jump over to Amazon to order more pins and pin covers.
I like having a stack of quilts ready to quilt when I'm in the mood.
I'm so glad my quilting mojo has found me again.

To close, here is Miss Daisy Dog.
She likes to lay in the sun. 
She also likes to lay inside the table fort when Mom is basting the big quilts.
She likes it so much, 
she snores!

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PaintedThread said...

You've just reminded me I have a pile of batting scraps that need to be Frankensteined together. I like the photo of soccer in the fog. :-)

Mary said...

This week, I love Thursday because I got to sleep in! 3 days of fun, now to play and use what I have learned. Cute Birthday Sombreros. Good to make the most of the cold weather. Julie inspires all of us.

Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Judy! Aww Miss Daisy enjoying the sun. I love it, and I would enjoy the table fort as well. I may not snore though. My official "pin baggie" is almost overflowing with pins so it is definitely time for me to layer some more quilts to be quilted. Wow, it was foggy for the soccer game! I hope there was a win involved once it cleared. ~smile~ Roseanne

Suzanne said...

I pin baste too. I miss having a dog...our German Shepherd use to snuggle and snore when I was doing hand work.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Love the picture of the kids playing soccer in the fog! I like using up batting scraps by fusing them together, too - makes me feel very frugal, lol! I'm impressed with all your basting - that's my least favorite step so I always put it off and put it off.

LA Paylor said...

daisy dog!!! adorable! Good to sew again, and gosh I loved making those rugs... I have a project squirreled away somewhere...

Shannon said...

We've had lots of foggy damp mistiness here too- it really is a good thing we're households with quilts!! I love your pic of Daisy- Bentley sits in the sun like that too, I have lots of pictures of him sort of sun-dappled. The hooked rug project looks cool. I've never done anything like that but I love finding and finishing old projects. I know somewhere I have a partially finished cross-stitch santa that maybe someday I'll get back to....