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Monday, October 08, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I'm pressuring myself to get caught up with the 2018 UFO Challenge.
I'm starting to write this blog post Sunday morning.
I am working on the borders today.

This is the UFO for August.
I was so afraid to start quilting it.

But after a heart to heart with myself,
I decided to go for it!
I wanted to use rulers.

My machine did pretty good for a while.
Then we started to struggle.
It was no fun anymore so I took the ruler foot off and went to free motion.

Now that was fun!
Lots of fun.

Not perfect by any means but neither am I.
And this is my quilt so no big deal.

Of course the seam ripper has to come out to play.
The machine has to be threaded right to get a good stitch.
At least it was an easy take out.

Sunday morning the borders have begun.
Can I do it?
Can I get the binding on it so I can take it to the beach to finish?
Not if I don't get back to it....
To Be Continued. 

It's so fun winning the bobbin chicken game. 🐔
I knew I must be close so when I was ready to turn to the next border,
I checked.
I win!!!
This time... 😀😀
and the next 2 times, I was the looser. 

That black stuff...
That's a Teflon oven liner. 
I need to replace my supreme slider so I tried this.
It works great.
I bought it from Amazon last year and finally tried it out.
I just marked the needle hole and made it larger 
and tape it down with painter's tape.

Quilting is done, binding is sewn on.

I was going to get the next UFO out to baste today but
a cute little 6 year old reminded me that I said I would make her a new apron.
So a new apron will be made instead.

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AnnieO said...

Looking terrific, Judy! I play Bobbin Chicken far too often---and lose!

Suzanne said...

It is important to keep your promises to little ones. I lose at Bobbin Chicken more than I win....

Julie said...

I have no clue what the bobbin game even is! So cool that you could get this quilt quilted, it is FABULOUS!!!!

Ramona said...

You are rolling through your UFO’s! This one is one of my favorites. I’ve never heard of bobbin chicken, but know that I would not be a winner!

Quilter Kathy said...

Such a great post Judy! So true that our quilting has to be fun... we try new things and when it's not fun, we move toward the fun stuff. Otherwise we just won't stick with it for sure.
Love the "bobbin chicken" game LOL
And clever idea about the teflon oven liner!
And lastly... what a fabulous quilt you made!

Kate said...

Congrats on the very pretty finish! I'm behind, way behind on the 2018 UFO Challenge, so it's fun to see someone else get caught up.

Annie said...

Wow, look at this beauty! A lot of work in that quilt. You met your goal, YAY! The bobbin chicken game...love it! I check pretty often, but I’m always trying to guess how much farther it might go. I only straight line quilt from edge to edge. Sometimes I guess perfectly like you did, and sometimes I run out a few inches from the end. Sewing games.