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Monday, July 02, 2018

Design Wall Monday

I've been working on moving some UFOs forward.
Last week I showed you the square in a square blocks,
they are for a border for this quilt.
I worked on Castle Wall blocks this week.
I needed 3 more.
Instead of hand piecing these, 
I decided to try machine piecing.
I should have tried that after the 1st 3 blocks,
it took some time but was fun.

Then I started putting the rows together.
Pin, pin, pin.
Next I run out of bobbin thread after "sewing" almost a whole row.
Swear, pin, pin, swear, pin.
This project has been put back on the shelf until it's number is called.

Next UFO to work on is my Triangle Gathering quilt.
This is not on the UFO Challenge list so I need to work on it until it's complete.
I decided not to make all the blocks-only 21
and use 21 string blocks for the alternate blocks.

I sew on phone book pages,
tear off the paper, then trim to size and cut my triangles.
I use the Essential Triangle Tool to cut my triangles. 

WhaaLaa! My alternate block.
I love strings!!

It feels good to get some of the UFOs moving along.
Check out the great design walls linked to 


Quilter Kathy said...

You are making great progress! I totally get the pin swear pin swear routine! So frustrating to sew without thread! I think the new machines should have a built in feature forcing it to come to a full stop when the bobbin is empty.

Mary said...

Fun, I won't be doing my #11 UFO this month, going to switch it up, lol. Laughing at your pin experience. Pins are your friends!!! You need a beeper for that Bobbin!

AnnieO said...

You are humming along on UFOs and finishes, how great. I have been cutting some HST pieces with the Essential Triangle Tool too. Pin, Swear, Pin...hmm, sounds familiar