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Thursday, May 03, 2018

I Like Thursdays #3

The view from my deck chair.
On the left is my pink dogwood that normally blooms for Mother's Day.
It was a Mother's Day gift from my children many years ago.
It is very special to me.

Daisy dog doesn't like it when dad is not home so she sits in his chair and pouts.
I love how much she loves him.
He's the one that rescued her out of her cage at the shelter.
Evidently, I was just along for the ride.

WooHoo, black batting have been ordered for a UFO quilt top.
I like a good batting sale.
Backings for 4 tops were ordered from Thousands of Bolts.
I feel lots of quilting coming on in the days ahead.
I like that, a lot!

I like having projects kitted up.
This UFO is 6 years old and I'm excited about it again.
I've got a retreat coming in May and need to get myself ready.
I like to start with a UFO and 
when it's completed, I reward myself with a new project.
Oh the games I play. 😉

I like Singer tins.
This one holds my basting pins and closer tool.

And this lint brush!

These sillies melt my heart!
Boys and dogs and Legos and trucks and laughter!

I like this rotary cutter.
I like trimming a quilt .
I like adding the binding.
I even like stitching the binding down.

I like that we are headed for the beach on Wednesday and 
that I can set this up to post on Thursday. 😊

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Julie said...

Great post! I like your likes! :)

Sandy said...

Hope you had a wonderful day at the beach! Sounds like you will have to use up your batting or find it takes all the room! Good motivation, though. and good idea for doing a UFO at your retreat before starting a new project.