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Monday, May 21, 2018

Design Wall Monday

This past weekend was our annual Spring Retreat.
My projects were all UFOs.

I had 6 blocks for Reach for the Stars all kitted up and ready to sew.

I made 2 full blocks and for 2 more blocks, I just needed to add the last piece on 16 papers.
I couldn't do it, 
I was just too tired to focus so I came home.

Right after breakfast on Friday,
these 2 were finished.
They don't look like the same size but they are.

Here is a horrible picture of all 6 of my blocks.

Next I got busy building the last of my house blocks for Moda Be My Neighbor.
The bee hives (that's what I call them to honor of our bees) were already sewn.

I took all my rows apart and added sashing between them.
The owner of the quilt I had seen the blocks set that way was there.
She said she was flattered at how much I loved her quilt. 

I love the trees in this quilt.
They were so much fun!
The wonkyness of the purple plaid makes me giggle.

And it wouldn't be fun and games if there weren't some whoopsies. 
First those darn chevron!
They were mocking me in every way!
I told myself to be careful because 3 went one way and 3 the other.
Yacking and laughing and carrying on makes a person not pay attention.
I started on the last block and got to a point and darn! 
Where are my other pieces???
So I when I came home that night, 
I recut the 3 chevrons and the extra red pieces.
Before leaving yesterday,
I sewed my chevrons, and when I went to sew them to the house,
Well, you can see what I did!
Time to pack up and come home.

I had to lay finished On Ringo Lake over the fence for a quick photo shoot.
I love how it turned out!

Before leaving for retreat, I started quilting the baby quilt.
I can't wait to get in there and get back to work on it.

We play the greedy gift game.
I made this tote bag for my gift.
As I was making it, I pulled fabrics for 2 more.
One for myself and one for a gift.
They have such cute, cute patterns!!

Of course there was lots lots of new quilting ideas.
I had to rush to the computer one night and order a pattern pattern because I loved it so much!

It was a wild, wild, productive week
and I had a blast every single day!
I'm really glad I went.
I really missed being with my favorite retreat partner.
Can't wait until fall for the next one!

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Mary said...

Glad you had some fun at Retreat. I was close by. We even drove to Hazeldale. GPS thought we should go the long way around. Love the fence picture!

Suzanne said...

I love creative retreats. All your projects are wonderful!

Ramona said...

I'm glad you had such a fun and productive retreat. Your blocks and bag are wonderful. The fence shot of On Ringo Lake is beautiful. I'd love that quilt, too!

Quilter Kathy said...

Your Ringo Lake quilt is stunning! Great job!
Sounds like a wonderful time!

AnnieO said...

I'm pretty sure you never set out to have a bad time, Judy, and therefore always enjoy the fun and challenges! Lots of great stitching time, despite the oopsy. Your Ringo Lake looks gorgeous.

Nann said...

What a wonderful array of projects! Glad you had a good time.