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Saturday, January 13, 2018

January Pantry Challenge-Week 2

I asked my amazing woodworking son in law to make me a tower for my canning rings. I drew what was in my head and he made it for me. I need another one but haven't asked yet. 😏

The prototype is short--I think 6" tall. That will work great for bringing what I need from the pantry room to the kitchen. You can barely see it on the right.

I had a great pantry week. Most days I followed my menu plan pretty good.  Sunday we had an unplanned family potluck--2 big packages of fish out of the freezer. Monday was a no cook day, hubby had a meeting so I had leftovers. Our oldest granddaughter is here from Baltimore so we did another family potluck. Baked Ziti from me, all ingredients from the pantry. Wednesday was chicken and rice soup, Thursday was lunch out with Granddaughter so no cooking, Friday was a delicious meatloaf with cheesy potatoes. Today will be chicken enchiladas.

I did add more on sale cheese to the freezer. When the new ad came out, the only good sale was bacon so 3# were added to the freezer. I had to buy creamer but I knew I would and it was on sale for a really good price so I bought 2. That's it.

With all my grocery money savings, I went ahead and ordered 80# of chicken breast from Zaycon for March delivery. I'll have a huge canning session when that comes in. Most of it is destine for jars.

I consider this week a success. Next week will be easy peasy since I'll be using daughter's pantry while they are on a trip. She will have her menu planned and everything I need at the ready. The rest of the week for my house is super simple. Hubby will join us for dinner so no worries for him.

I love having my menu planned out for the month and everything I need in the house. One of these days I will have to go real grocery shopping but I have a good list started and I have some incredible new menu ideas already planned out for February. 


Unknown said...

Such a great storage tool!

Mary said...

Good idea for those rings. I would just put them in my water bath canner while it's not in use. Good SIL. I didn't know you had a granddaughter in Baltimore. Fun to use your daughter's pantry next week. I love Chicken Enchiladas, what time is dinner??

The Joyful Quilter said...

Kudos to you!! I'm confounded by the thought of 80# of chicken in jars this Spring. I have NO IDEA how this would be accomplished!

Judy S. said...

You are an inspiration! I finally cleaned out our pantry and found stuff I didn't remember was there.