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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Yeah For Pants!


 My Jacole skinny pants are done! 
Yeah for pants that fit!!
There will be modifications.

I will never try to topstitch a pocket with 5 layers of fabric with the coverstitch machine.
It was a mess.
But I fixed it and used my sewing machine.
Modification #1...I do not like this patch pocket.
I feel like it is down to my knees but it isn't.
I prefer a nice little pocket inside.
I can make that happen.

This is how I hem...pants and shirts.
I serge the seams, then press up the hem, press on fusible tape.
I serge around the bottom for a clean finish.
I clip the seam being careful not to clip too far.
Then twist the seam. 
Remove the paper, press and topstitch.

Other modifications:
#2-shorten the hem by 3"
#3-lengthen the back rise on the pattern paper
#4-shorten the front rise
(I have a weird shaped body!!)
Oh and I used  drawcord elastic in the waist.
I'm unsure of using just the band. 
I need the security of elastic-old school I guess.

I wore them all afternoon and evening.
They were so comfy!
I have a nice selection of pants fabric from Knitpop.
I'll be cutting another pair today.

Yeah for pants!


Nann said...

"You know you are a quilter when you sew a garment with 1/4" seams," goes the saying -- and I've done that. Well, I've caught myself before I've gone too far. But like you I don't sew many garments any longer. Not even quilted/patchwork jackets.

Nann said...

P.S. I meant to congratulate you on your new pants! I like the color. And thanks for the tip about how you hem them.