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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We Worked, We Played, We Ate!

We spent most of last week at the beach with Crystal, Mike, Elliot, Clella, Leland and Corbin.
It was their first time tent camping.
I'm not sure about Mike though, he may be a seasoned camper.
Growing up, Crystal camped a lot in a travel trailer.
We never tent camped.
But after seeing Dee's tent set up, 
she went home and order one for their family.

Camping was a HUGE success!
We laughed and talked and laughed some more.
I don't know if anyone was ever hungry because we had so much good food.
Smores every night.
And because we could, 
one day we had them after breakfast.

We played on the beach.
Kids and dogs ran and ran and ran.
Parents and Grandparents enjoyed the laughter
and the exhausted kids and dogs.

We worked.
See that bamboo in the background?
We found out that belongs to us.
The guy we bought the place from planted it as a privacy barrier 
then built his fence on the back side thinking the owner of the trailer would take care of it for him.
Kind of a big jerk move!

We don't want it,
we want our fence on the property line
and will plant our own privacy barrier.
It will not be bamboo.
It was a huge project to get that stuff cut down.
Weed killer went into the root system.
We had some of it down last time we were there
and saw no sign of any new growth.
We are crossing our fingers that holds true for the remaining root system.

There is always another project for our next trip.
I bet it's a new fence!
Thanks to Mike and the kiddos for all your hard work helping Poppy.
Firepit brush burning is our new favorite pastime.

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