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Saturday, July 08, 2017

It's Funny How Time Slips Away

Not really funny, more like fun!
Blogging will happen when it happens. 

I've said before I am not a good passenger so I knit.
They are my passenger seat knitting project.
They are called Meandering Vine Socks.
I'm to the heel flap.
The whole heel has to be done at home,
I'll get to the mindless foot part before we leave again.

Before leaving home, I cut all of the border pieces for Midnight Flight.
The first couple of evenings, I marked the squares for the flippy corners.
And one afternoon, I sewed one half of the chevrons.

Then over a few days, I trimmed all of them
and after everyone left, I got out the iron and pressed them all.

During my sewing time, 
I couldn't find Jessie.
He had made himself a pillow fort. 
Silly little dog!

While I was sewing,
Ernie replaced the boards on this deck.
Most of the time it was a one man show.

One day he washed the bus.
My job was to watch the fire.
I'm good at my job.

We had lots of company!
Saturday evening, Dee, Vern and Taylor came to camp for a few days.
On Sunday Crystal and her kiddos came to spend the day with us.
She came home and ordered their own camping supplies. 
They will be our next camping guests.
This melts my heart!
I love being surrounded by my family.
I have a feeling this is going to be the perfect summer!

Smores and smiles are mandatory!
As are photo bombers!

There was a whole lot of love happening at the beach!
A perfect 4th of July campout!
Unless you were a dog.
We didn't go to the beach to watch the fireworks.
We stayed at the bus with the poor, terrified dogs. 
From the sound of it, it was a pretty spectacular show.

The landscape is changing at the beach property.
Lots of trimming and clearing is happening.
Bamboo is not our friend.
We tried to figure out why the previous owners did things the way they did.
Our conclusion is each to his own.
We'll fix it how we want it now. 

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