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Saturday, May 13, 2017

On and Off The Needles

I started writing this Friday and then all of the sudden,
no internet!
For hours!

I found the pattern for Groovy Socks on Ravelry.
Unfortunately, it is no longer available.
The pattern calls for a different heel but since these were my
passenger seat knitting socks, 
I used my regular ole heel instead of learning something new.
I'll do it on the next ones.

By the time we got to the beach, 
I was ready start do the toe decrease.
I told Ernie I was going to have them finished by the time we got home.
I was wrong,
I finished them at home.
I was too busy loving on...

Our reason for doing a 1 day round trip to the beach.
We adopted this gorgeous chocolate lab from
OMGoodness, if I could have, I would have brought 2 more home with me.
I could easily turn into that crazy dog lady with too many dogs.

It's been a long time since I've done an On The Needles post...September!
I'll try to do better and maybe I'll finish that Frankensock I still haven't finished.
I'm linking up late to Patchwork Times On The Needles.

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Dar said...

I really love the yarn and pattern of your socks. Can you tell me what it is and the color. BTW, Daisy is beautiful too. I love both cats and dogs, but she looks like a lover. Now that Judy is no longer hosting On The Needles, I wonder how I will keep up on what people are knitting and the patterns they are using. I will really miss this linky, even though I'm not as prolific as some.