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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Retreating With Bonnie

I'm home from 4 days of quilt retreat and classes with Bonnie Hunter.
I have a long internet friendship with Bonnie, 
from the beginning of her sharing and inspiring from her Quiltville website.
When I found her in the early years, I knew I found my quilting person.
When retreat plans were first discussed among friends for our area, 
I thought it would never happen.
When it did, I thought the day would never get here.
But it did and it was worth the 3+ year wait!
Thanks Robin and Sonya for making it happen.
And for making it happen at our favorite retreat spot, Royal Ridges.
For more pictures and happenings,

I take a picture of this tree snag on the first day of each retreat I attend.
Day 1 was spent setting up and sewing on our own projects.

Bonnie and Mary hanging Midnight Flight 
which was our first class on day 2.
I have 1 block made and parts for many more.

Table demo.

I sat with Brandy and Trina.
They are awesome friends!
My face and stomach still hurt from laughing.

Day 3 was Garden Party class.
I am making a second quilt using green for my framed 9 patches.

Day 4 lecture.
OhMyGosh, if you have a chance to listen to this fabulous woman talk,
get yourself there any way you can.

After a wonderful lecture and show and share,
I have many squirrels to chase.
The new list is long.

Waiting for lunch to be ready on day 4.
What a wonderful gathering of women.
So many new friendships were made.
The love of quilting is our bond.

As I was leaving last night, 
the sun was setting.
The sky was a vivid orange.
I felt rejuvenated by my time here.


Frog Quilter said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Bonnie used to live hear in SC so I am long time friends with her. We were in the same guild as well.

Happy stitching.

AnnieO said...

Bonnie's was the first quilting blog I ever read and she's very giving of her time, ideas and shortcuts. What a great retreat!

Mary said...

Wish I could have sat nearer to you and Sonja. I was in the Middle. It was SEW worth the WAIT and my long drive. I was happy to be back at Royal Ridges to see it in the Springtime. I'm pretty sure it was YOU that got me following Bonnie! Thanks for the hugs.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Bonnie is a prolific quiltmaker, an an enjoyable lecturer, and a great teacher! I can't imagine going on retreat with her. Surely, it must be like hanging out with the Energizer Bunny!!

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh I am just green with envy! You lucky lucky duck!
What a wonderful life experience!

Nann said...

Wow -- what a thrill!