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Monday, January 02, 2017

Design Wall Monday

Happy 2017 Design Wall Monday Readers.
I have 3 things happening this first week of the new year.

Under my needle right now is row 6 of 8 rows for a charity string quilt.
This is a Quilt As You Go that I was going full speed ahead on until...
that dreaded cold/flu slapped me to the floor.
(I think I am over it finally.)
So between Quiltville mystery clues,
 I have been joining the blocks into rows 
and then joining each row to the last.until the last 3 rows.
I just had to change things up a bit!
I have the last 2 rows sewn together so I am going to keep going until it's finished.
Everything is done by machine, including the binding which is ready to use.
Today, maybe??

afternoon edit:  Yeah it's finished!

Last Friday we got the clue for part 6 of En Provence.
I was working on the string quilt so I haven't started those yet.
Then yesterday Bonnie gives us the final clue!
As much as I want to jump right in and get this going,
I'm going to finish my string quilt first.
You can bet that some of these blocks will happen this week!
I've seen some fabulous blocks coming together on the Facebook group.

This is a photo of UFO #3 from Patchwork Times UFO Challenge.
I belong to an internet quilting group and we used to do monthly block exchanges.
I'm embarrassed to admit these blocks are from 2005!
But in February 2015, I quilted them and posted my plan.
Well, that plan was a bust!
I'm making a bit of a change to that plan 
and these blocks will become a fabulous quilt soon.
So it's time to get busy and make it happen now.

We welcomed in 2017 with a blanket of beauty.
I love early morning light photos.
We spent the day with a group of friends,
had a wonderful time and 
now I'm ready to hunker down into my winter hibernation,

See fabulous design walls at 


Julie said...

I remember those SWAN blocks! I still have one set not sewn into a top. Great string project and I look forwarding to seeing your finished mystery top!

Ramona said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Good luck finishing your string quilt. I'm looking forward to seeing that and your mystery.

AnnieO said...

Virtuous finish to start the new year--great plan! I have three things to finish today and it's going to feel wonderful. Love your snow scene.

Churn Dash said...

Sometimes it is better to stick to a plan, other times not so much.

Looks like you have some fun quilts there.


Mary said...

How fun to have a finish so soon in the year. It bodes well for how your year will go. Glad to see your progress each week at DWM. Here's to hibernation til MAY when Bonnie Comes and Lot's of Finishes.