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Monday, January 16, 2017

Design Wall Monday

This is my UFO #3 from Patchwork Times 2017 UFO Challenge.
The blocks aged for 10 years, the quilted blocks for another 2 years.
After being upset with myself over procrastinating so long, 
I just giggle because I have so many great memories of receiving these blocks,
the friends that made them and the smiles they bring to me.
So no regrets, just smiles.

A few days ago, I posted my progress.
Saturday morning, I trimmed all the blocks.
That bag of trimmings bothered me for a bit.
There was so much in it, 
but nothing was wide enough for the string bin
and I not going to start making pet beds.
 I gave it to the garbage man without guilt.
The fact that all the batting used in the added sashings came from 
the trimmings of Tumalo Trail may have helped with the no guilt.

Then I set about joining my blocks. Thank goodness for Craftsy classes from Marti Michell called Piece By Piece: Quilt-As-You-Go-Techiques and Dot To Dot Quilting with Angela Walters.  I highly recommend both of these classes.  I learned so much from both of these ladies! The fact that I can take notes for the steps I don't want to forget and can go back and review just that part might be my favorite feature of these classes except the fact that I can re-watch them whenever and how often I want.  I learned the glue trick from Sharon Schamber  (you can find almost anything on you tube!). Isn't the internet amazing!!!

The status of this quilt right now is Rows A and B are joined together, C and D are complete rows ready to be added and Row E is laying on the sewing machine to start being made into a row.  Binding strips are all cut. Cross your fingers for a finish today. We still have plenty of snow and ice and the rain is coming in ready to create more chaos and I am happy to stay home and out of the way. I have my own work to do.

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Mary said...

You do a great Public advertisement for Craftsy. Glad you are giggling. It's better than beating yourself for procrastinating. I like the colors of your SWAN blocks a LOT!

Nann said...

Amen re: pet beds. Our church hosts a textile recycling event each year. I bag the trimmings and contribute them....Funny how blocks that sit around for a long, long time turn into quilts so easily.

Cathy said...

I'm scared to say how long some of my UFO's are. Glad you're getting back to this one. It promises to be gorgeous!

AnnieO said...

How great to see a finish in the near distance instead of a UFO! You're doing great.

Ramona said...

Looking forward to hearing about your smiles once your quilt is finished. Such a great feeling to finish one that has been "aging."